Sharon Horton

Author of Romantic Fiction

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Artwork by Kim Mendoza (c) 2009 The Wild Rose Press

             Hope and Prey

   A date with destiny is not what Kurt Reid has in mind the night he enters the "alley of convenience" he uses to meet informants. Yet destiny is just what he finds in the crumpled form of a young woman.  Unsure if this is who he's come to meet, Kurt approaches slowly.  Moments later he finds himself lying flat on his back. Though highly skilled in the art of self-defense, Kurt quickly realizes that the person who has attacked him possesses the same talent.  Kurt has just met Andrea “AJ” Summers, someone he senses is no ordinary woman.

   Discovering AJ has been injured, Kurt brings her to where he and a small group of people operate an underground newspaper.  Ignoring Kurt’s suspicions that AJ could be a threat to their work, the team agrees to take her in after learning the same corrupt man they've been trying to bring to justice is also after her. Although AJ doesn’t know the reason the man wants her, she seems to hold the key to finally locking him behind bars.  And though Kurt tries to deny it, he knows AJ holds the key to something else…his salvation.

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