Sharon Horton

Author of Romantic Fiction

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Artwork by Kim Mendoza (c) 2009 The Wild Rose Press

        Hope and Prey


It was dark, but after a few seconds, the moonlight reflecting off the snow illuminated the room. Kurt could see AJ propped on her elbows, looking in his direction. He was just about to lie down when he heard her speak.

“Don’t sleep there.”

Kurt froze. That was the second thing AJ had said to him that he wondered if he heard correctly. He could see she was looking at him. The light was shining on her hair, just like the night he’d found her. He stood for what seem like an eternity, then very slowly moved to the bed and sat down.

Placing his hands on her shoulders he leaned forward. “Are you making a move on me…first?”

“I suppose I am,” AJ whispered.

Kurt’s gut tightened.

Had he misunderstood? She hadn’t backed away when he moved close, but then again he already realized this one didn’t easily back away from anyone. “You suppose you’re making a move? Don’t you know?”

“Yes…maybe,” AJ stammered. “I’ve never actually wanted to make a move on anyone.” Her eyes lowered. “Or with anyone…until now.”

A smile crossed Kurt’s face, and he lightly stroked the sides of her neck. “Are you sure you want to, now?”

Silence. Then, almost in slow motion they moved toward each other and did what each had wanted to do forever, they kissed. Soft and fluttering, the kiss could barely be felt. As Kurt leaned back from it, AJ gently ran her fingers over his face, causing his eyes to close. When he opened them she was smiling.

He kissed her again. This time, the light, dry kisses gave way to the deep warmth his mouth and body ached for. Gripped by the power of his physical desire, yet careful of her injuries, Kurt gently guided AJ back against the pillow, and for a little while they no longer cared about the world around them.

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