Sharon Horton

Author of Romantic Fiction

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Artwork by Kim Mendoza (c) 2009 The Wild Rose Press

          Hope and Prey

L.A. Banks, New York Times Bestselling Author

"Sharon Horton offers a riveting suspense with a sultry romance embedded in it -- Hope and Prey is not to be missed!"


R. Garland Gray, Award Winning Romance Author

"For enjoyable storytelling and surprise endings, Sharon Horton's HOPE AND PREY is a must read."


Anne Elizabeth, Romance Author and Columnist for Romantic Times Book Reviews Magazine

"Love is a spontaneous journey.  There is no turning back from the heart’s embrace.  Sharon Horton reminds us in HOPE AND PREY that facing the challenge brings the greatest of pleasures.  But only, if you’re willing to take the chance."


Selena Robins, Award Winning Author

"HOPE AND PREY has all the elements for a gripping, intense and complex suspense novel, with characters that jump off the page. HOPE AND PREY is a riveting, page turner with suspenseful plot twists and heart-stopping tension."


Monique Raphel High, International Bestselling Author

“You may think that you’re about to start a delectable romance involving star-crossed lovers shrouded in pasts they have taken great pains to keep hidden from the world. You won’t be wrong. But “Hope and Prey” is so much more!  This novel of romantic suspense will keep you intrigued, fascinated, and wondering what each of the characters is hiding.

Sharon Horton’s direct style leads you straight to the core of the mystery, while never letting go of the feelings of her characters.  AJ is tough but sweet, while Kurt is that dark stranger we all dream about finding at our door.  If you thought marriage would be simple, don’t pick up “Hope and Prey.” Otherwise, jump in and shiver with pleasure and thrills!”


The Long and the Short of It Reviews

"HOPE AND PREY is a riveting story. Sharon Horton grabs the reader’s attention from page one and takes her on a journey with many twists and turns that go from dark alleys, to the ocean, and to pristine, snow-covered mountains, from fear and desperation to a phenomenal love and hope for the hope. Some real surprises in this one!"



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