Sharon Horton

Author of Romantic Fiction

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Artwork by Rae Monet (c) 2011 The Wild Rose Press



Callie turned to kiss Danny’s cheek just as he turned to face her. The result brought her lips onto his. The act was innocent and accidental, and yet as they understood what happened and how they touched, neither moved. The action would have been comical had either not been so drawn into it. Callie’s mental thoughts were replaced by physical ones as she realized she was kissing Danny, and not just the affectionate thank you for the medallion kiss she’d intended to give him, but an actual hard against the mouth, lips parted, tongues introducing themselves to each other, kiss.

And he was responding, not by pushing her away, but by accepting and inviting his way deeper inside.

Now beneath Danny, Callie’s mind reeled. Was this really happening? What started as a short kiss exploded into a continuous, senses-blinding experience. When she felt his hands slipping inside her robe, she thought certain someone had drugged her and she was hallucinating. Yet when her eyes opened to the reveal of Danny’s actual flesh, Callie understood everything she could see, touch, and feel was as real to her as it was to him. Their clothing somehow appearing on the floor told her that.

Should they be doing this? What if Will or Bex returned? But the more she and Danny kissed and caressed and moved in perfect rhythm, Callie couldn’t care less about anyone or what they could hear. Out of breath, they backed away just enough to inhale and look at each other. Danny wore the same expression of shock and pleasure that Callie knew she did, and just as Danny slowly lowered himself into Callie’s depths, she noted another expression, and this one was combined with emotion. Was it love?

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