Sharon Horton

Author of Romantic Fiction

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Artwork by Rae Monet (c) 2011 The Wild Rose Press


Bestselling Author, Dee Davis

"Heart tugging romance with a cast of fabulous small-town characters."


Multi-Award Nominated Author, Libby McKinmer

"Callie and Danny will melt your heart and sweep you away on an adrenaline-filled adventure in love. Do not miss the sparks that fly when these two meet!"


Bestselling Author, Dee Davis

"Hortonís characters jump off the pages to capture your heart."


Cynthia Harrison - Author and former reviewer for Romantic Times Book Reviews

"SPARKS, veteran author Sharon Horton's latest romance, not only has heat, but fire, and in more ways than one. Sergeant Danny Redmond of the Fairmont Fire Department has a new rookie, Callie O'Rourke, the city's first female firefighter. The question quickly becomes How will these two fight the fire of their instant attraction? They both have an aversion to a relationship, no matter how tempting. So they make a pact to be always--and only--friends. Then they drop the facade and share a passionate kiss. Both back away from that first encounter, vowing never again to fan those dangerous flames. Fighting fires and other hazards side by side, the two develop a rapport that cannot be denied. It looks like they're on the way to building trust and true and lasting love when Danny discovers Callie's darkest secret, a secret she hardly knows she holds. Shaken by new information, Danny breaks off the budding romance. Then her apartment building goes up in flames and Callie is caught inside a wall of fire. Will Danny be able to rescue her? Will their love rise up from the flames? This passionate page-turner will have you burning for answers until the sweet final scene."


Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

"SPARKS, by Sharon Horton, is the epitome of the perfect love story. With its amazing group of characters based in the heroine's world of firefighters, Sparks will certainly 'melt' your heart....Sparks definitely left a 'spark' in my heart. It was passionate and very realistic, making me wonder if something like this has ever actually happened in the fire fighting world. Sparks is a story that will leave you cheering, especially after the simplistic, yet beautifully written epilogue. I enjoyed Sparks so very much, and highly recommend it to anyone who loves a story with sexy firefighters, a heroine who can roll with the bravest of the boys, and most importantly, lots of romance. Be sure to read Sparks, you will be so surprised by the depth of this beautifully written romance."

Reviewer: Heather Powell

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