Sharon Horton

Author of Romantic Fiction

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Artwork by Syneca (c) 2005 Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc.

          My Shadow, My Love

   When Cassie Dahlgren first entered the police academy, she expected she’d eventually be chasing down criminals in her chosen career. She never knew that the criminals would be chasing after her. She’s on the run from her former boss, Luther Carstairs, who has proven he has a taste for murder…and his eye on her.

   The Technicians are independent from the police, but they work with the police. Rick Jarrett is a seasoned and shrewd Technician who takes his job of protecting people very seriously. When Cassie comes to him as a witness to a senseless killing by a madman, she awakens not only his protector’s instincts but also other feelings he’d almost forgotten he was capable of. Together, Rick and Cassie seek justice and, in the process, find a new, beautiful life for themselves.

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