Sharon Horton

Author of Romantic Fiction

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      My Shadow, My Love


Romance Junkies

"Sharon Horton has written a suspenseful tale that will keep you reading until the very end. Rick and Cassie are made for each other. Cassie is refreshing and Rick oozes charm that drips from the pages when he is with Cassie. MY SHADOW, MY LOVE is a very delicious book to read and the secondary charters blend in well, making this book a page turner. With the curves Ms. Horton throws into the story you never know what will happen next. Thank you Ms. Horton for such a wonderful book."

Reviewer: Moon Tee



"My Shadow, My Love is a great book that offers more than the average story. Not only do we read about a love story but also we have a bonus here, because the story continues and I loved to see that the heroes I read about have the same issues that a real world couple goes through (i.e. jealousy, fear, in-laws, etc). Ms. Horton penned a different story that others should follow! Because let's be honest, we always want to know more about the heroes!"

Reviewer: Anne Chaput


Coffee Time Romance

"Ms. Horton writes a fast-paced suspense. Just when you think everything is over, she throws in a curve. The reader cannot help but fall in love with Rick and Cassie. If you love suspense, you will love this book."

Reviewer: Mary Martinez


Fallen Angel Reviews

"My Shadow, My Love is a delicious read. Cassie is a refreshing character that lends great believability to the storyline. Rick oozes with electric charm that rips from the pages when he is confronted with Cassie and his velvety voice rumbles through the pages. The dialogue between the two is tight and keeps the readers interest. I just loved their banter. Ms. Horton creates a suspenseful tale that kept this reader on the edge of the seat. One minute it is like things are over, then bingo, she throws a curveball and things heat up again. The characters of Rick and Cassie are wonderfully fashioned and leave an impression with the reader. They feel so alive, so genuine in every thing they do. The secondary characters blend in well making this suspense a page-turner that is hard to put down. I really thought it was a very compelling read."

Reviewer: Linda L.



"MY SHADOW, MY LOVE is a story filled with plenty of action and suspense...Between the high level of suspense and action, there’s still plenty of room for a sweet romance story to develop. Sharon Horton has written a story that reads easily and keeps you fascinated from the first page until the very last. This isn’t just a suspense story, it is much more. This book should be turned into a movie. Be sure to read it yourself!"

Reviewer: Annick


The Romance Studio

"Sharon Horton writes a gripping book...This book captured me from the very first page and I eagerly read to see what Sassy Cassie would do next. MY SHADOW, MY LOVE is a keeper!"

Reviewer: Linda B.


Romance Reviews Today

"MY SHADOW, MY LOVE is an intriguing romance that I found hard to put down. Once I opened the book and began to read, suddenly I was transported into the story right alongside the characters. The lead protagonists are multifaceted and well-written characters...Sharon Horton writes a suspenseful tale with MY SHADOW, MY LOVE, and kept this reader on the edge of her seat."

 Reviewer: Sinclair Reid


Authors After Dark

"A fine mystery, fast paced with a little romance thrown in MY SHADOW, MY LOVE is a page-turner. A well developed mystery with likeable characters. Rick and Cassie were a fine pair. Realistic situations and dialogue with a desperate “edge” to the story make this a very satisfying read. Author, Sharon Horton writes with a style this reader plans to enjoy again. I will be sure to watch for her next book to be released."

 Reviewer: Lettetia Elsasser


The Romance Readers Connection

"The suspenseful aspects of the story were very well written and explained, truly masterful storytelling."

 Reviewer: Rista Tompkins


Joyfully Reviewed

"My Shadow, My Love is a fast paced book...Cassie and Rick are very sweet with each other and their tale is heartwarming..."

 Reviewer: Nannette


Two Lips Reviews

"My Shadow, My Love is a very romantic and suspenseful tale by Sharon Horton. Ms. Horton is an author who is quickly proving to be one whose work you won’t want to miss...I loved every page of My Shadow, My Love and promise you will as well!"

Reviewer: Tara Renee


The Long and the Short of It

"From its volatile opening, MY SHADOW, MY LOVE is a true love story seasoned with suspense...This love story embodies the emotions we see in real life—jealousy, fear, hate, and ambivalent feelings toward friend and family relationships.

If you need a read to up your heart rate then let it ease up just to up the rate again, MY SHADOW, MY LOVE is a good choice."

Reviewer: Camellia

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