Sharon Horton

Author of Romantic Fiction

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Artwork by Kim Mendoza (c) 2007 The Wild Rose Press



Romance Reader At Heart

"From their first meeting, you can see the sparks between Kendra and Jinx, but both are leery since they've both lost a loved one and are not looking for their lives to change. JINXED is a wonderful story of second chances and all the unexpected surprises awaiting them. Ms. Horton writes with such a flair that keeps you riveted until you reach the last page and I can't recommend this book highly enough. I'm a sucker for a true love story and I think JINXED is just that. It just reinforces why I read romance books -- for all those happily-ever-afters. Don't miss adding this to your TBB list!"

Reviewer:  Fatin


Got Romance! Reviews

"This one is a ‘sigher’. If you are in need of something sweetly romantic, Sharon Horton is ready to deliver with Jinxed. The suspense part wasn’t what held my attention; it was all Kendra and Jinx with their back stories and gentle humor. I loved their histories and how it all led to them being together. Anyone looking for a sweet, romantic tale with a bit of suspense will find a wonderful classic in Jinxed."

Reviewer:  Brecken Stevens


The Long and the Short of It

"Very few books hold my attention the way this one did. Honestly, I read it in record time simply because it was too good to stop reading. I wanted to put it down, but I just couldn’t do it. Attention to detail, tight plotting and dynamic dialogue coming from realistic, interesting characters makes Sharon Horton’s Jinxed a winner."

Reviewer:  Peony


Jill Whelan - actress (The Love Boat)

"Sharon Horton's novel JINXED was a great read! Completely different and interesting at every turn. I found myself rationing pages because I wanted to savor every chapter for as long as I could! I can't wait for the next book."


R. Garland Gray, Romantic Fiction Author

"JINXED will stir your heart."


Roni Denholtz, Avalon Books

"...touching and uplifting tale of people learning that love can be even better the second time around!"


Romantic Times BOOKreviews

"JINXED is shining romantic fiction, a book that believes in love against all odds."

Reviewer:  Cindy Harrison


Romance Reviews Today

"Few authors convey such emotional connections in the first few chapters of a book, but Ms Horton has done a superb job with Jinx and Kendra. From their first meeting, a very believable relationship develops and builds in intensity throughout the story. With emotionally charged scenes and characters that leap from the pages with depth and personality, be sure not to miss this exceptional story."

Reviewer:  Edith Morrison


The Romance Studio

"Jinxed is a very romantic story, one that tugged at my heartstrings and touched all the emotions a good love story should. Sharon Horton had my attention through each page, even right up to the last sentence. This story is classy, the characters are believable and the settings are picture perfect. Sharon Horton has a way of telling this tale; it falls together beautifully. I highly recommend this book."

Reviewer:  Kimberly Leslie


 A Romance Review

"Ms. Horton has given us a story of helplessness, guilt, understanding and love. As it takes all of those things and more for these two to find the love they have for each other and help them heal as well. It also takes the love of their prior spouses and love they have for them to move forward into the future they had always hoped they would have. This is the first story by Ms. Horton that I have read and I will be on the lookout for more stories by her."

Reviewer:  Pam


Roundtable Reviews

"Sharon Horton has created a compelling story filled with strong characters and a realistic plot. She has written a heart touching novel that transports the reader into each thrilling page. As I read along, I was delighted by each triumph and saddened by each failure these lively characters faced. Anyone who has ever tasted the bitter nectar of loss or gloried in the smell of victory will remember this story long after they have closed its cover. I would recommend that everyone allow themselves the pleasure of owning and reading many times this unique book. Thank you Sharon for sharing yet another of your enchanting books with me.  I truly enjoyed the experience.  I am certain we will all be seeing much more of your extraordinary talents in the future and I would certainly feel JINXED if I did not."

Reviewer:  Terri Von Reiman


Fallen Angels

"A fast paced romance, interlaced with believable interaction between Jinx and Kendra, as well as entertaining scenes with Kendra’s students and a man named Pop. The pacing of the story is consistent. I loved Jinx as much as Kendra did and was happy they both got that second chance at love. The suspense was fitting for the storyline as well, and complimented the developing relationship between Kendra and Jinx. I highly recommend this book!"

Reviewer:  Melanie



"Sharon Horton’s page-turning story is a splendid story of hope, second chances and true love. Horton specializes in writing stories which are full of human and believable characters who will jump off the page and take you with them on their journey. Her story will keep you turning the pages very late into the night and will definitely earn a place on your keeper shelf. Romantic, gripping and heartwarming, Jinxed is a spellbinding romantic read which you cannot afford to miss!"

Reviewer: Julie Bonello 


Romance Divas

"The plot was strong, all the way through. Ms. Horton did a fantastic job in creating her characters and her stories. Her voice flows and I was able to keep my red pen capped for the entire read. This book is well worth a re-read!"

Reviewer: A.D. Roland 


Coffee Time Romance

"I was wholly impressed with Kendra and Jinx’s
interactions and how their relationship developed and
matured. Both have known real love, and together they
moved forward with admiration and respect for each
other and for their late loves; this aspect of the
book was especially well done. The supporting
characters stay in the background with Kendra and Jinx remaining the book’s focus. Another big plus for the book was the well written and scenery descriptions, the attention to detail was excellent. Readers will be able to sense the woods and the water; this facet of the book was written so complete, but never bogged me down.

Jinxed is a terrific, sweet, and suspenseful romance, especially for fans of "second chances at love" stories. Jinx is great, and a keeper. I truly enjoyed this book."

Reviewer: Anya Khan 


Romance Junkies

"Kendra is easy to like and the more I learned about her past, the more I respected her. Things haven’t been easy for Jinx either, and I couldn’t help but feel sympathy for the loss he faced. Bart is the most menacing kind of villain, a well-liked and respected man who appears perfectly normal to most people. I hoped Kendra and Jinx would find a way to stop him!
And most of all, I wished they would both find love again. There are some scary situations but overall, JINXED is a bittersweet yet heartwarming story of loss, hope and love."

Reviewer: Alane 


Word Museum

"Sharon Horton is a master at relieving tension with witty dialogue. Always searching for a deeper meaning, Horton weaves a tale of suspense and love. If you’ve been searching for such a book, Jinxed will deliver."

Reviewer: Nancy E. Gibson



"I loved Jinxed! The characters are real and honest.
The hero and heroine both are people who have been
damaged by the loss of a loved one and the guilt
associated with those losses. The way their "coming to
terms" is handled by the author, Sharon Horton, is
well written and very touching. The stalker part of
the story is also well crafted. The threat being
subtle enough not to steal away the entire story, but
ominous enough to overshadow other events and create
an air of unease for the heroine. Pretty much exactly
as you would expect such a situation to occur in real
life. This is how romantic suspense should be done!"

Reviewer: Johnna


Two Lips Reviews

"This is a book that while keeping the suspense building, will leave the reader with a smile in their heart!"

Reviewer: Tara Renee

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