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Author of Romantic Fiction

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      Artwork by Tamra Westberry (c) 2007 The Wild Rose Press

          First Sight To Last

Fallen Angels Reviews (Updated Review 2008)

"I just love a good book with the right chemistry that brings the characters together romantically, yet lean toward danger around every corner. Sharon Horton pens a read that hooked this reader from the start. I really like the way she paints Singer, giving her pizzazz and a feisty spirit. I enjoyed the dialogue between Singer and Evan, and their expressions that just consume the reader. First Sight to Last is a story that grips, allowing the audience to share in the hardships the couple endure. Singer and Evan have a way of not only connecting with each other, but also with the reader. There were times I wanted to be there for them. With a great plot, sensational secondary characters, and intrigue that bites, this is one story that I found excellent. By adding a little bit of miscommunication, some shady characters and an interesting couple trying to push their feelings away, I discovered a story that left me feeling good all over."

Reviewer: Linda L.



Dark Angel Reviews

"FIRST SIGHT TO LAST is a must read romantic suspense by Sharon Horton, that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Ms. Horton knows how to give the readers what they want in a story. Her characters are brilliantly written and developed. There were several times in this story that I felt myself tearing up for Evan and Singer. They have so many trials and tribulations and they work together splendidly. I wanted to give a shout out to Ms. Horton on such an excellent story and please, continue to write great books."

Reviewer: Becky Gaede



Two Lips Reviews

"First Sight to Last is a beautiful love story...I found myself wanting to cry several times while reading and I loved every minute of it...With several twists and turns, First Sight to Last will keep readers on their toes wondering where Singer and Evan's relationship will be taken next...I was spellbound from page one."

Reviewer: Tara Renee



Word Museum

"Horton has created a heroine that you will find yourself cheering for. Lovely words, great dialogue, as well as humor and suspense are peppered throughout the book to keep you turning the pages to a surprising, yet satisfying ending. First Sight To Last is a poignant, realistic love story that will make you sigh with pleasure. Don’t go to the beach without this one!"

Reviewer: Nancy E. Gibson


R. Garland Gray, Romantic Fiction Author

"Well-written with wonderful characterization. FIRST SIGHT TO LAST is an absolute delight."



Romance Reader at Heart

"FIRST SIGHT TO LAST by Sharon Horton was a very enjoyable read. My attention was caught from the first page and did not finish until the happy ending. The novel was fast paced and the characters were strong and believable. The reader is kept wondering how the two will work out their problems and is sympathetic to all their woes. Ms. Horton writes excellently, and I look forward to reading another novel of hers again soon. For any that like a little mystery in their romance, I highly recommend this book."

Reviewer:  Mariah


A Romance Review

"First Sight To Last, is an incredible story of found love then lost and reunited once again. Singer and Evan are special as their love never dies when they are apart but only grew stronger. There is a lot of emotions in this story from love, hope, mistrust, sad, guilty, heartache and blossoming love. The secondary characters are wonderful as they all play an important part of the story no matter how small in the story. Not only do we see the love of Singer and Evan but the love of Ted Saunders and Abby, a friend and fellow agent of Singer’s. Evan and Singer had an endearment for each other, “Singer always Singer” and “Evan always Evan”. Those three little words were all they needed to say to the other to let them know they loved each other deeply and always would."

Reviewer:  Pam


May McGoldrick / Jan Coffey Award winning authors

"Heartfelt and Romantic! Sharon Horton's debut novel is brimming with emotion!"


Romantic Times BOOKreviews

"Horton's sense of humor and vivid imagination clearly
shine through."

Reviewer:  Cindy Harrison


Roundtable Reviews

"Sharon Horton has a vivid imagination and a keen eye for details but her talent displays much more. For a writer is a person that puts words on paper, but an artist is one who brings these words to life, and Sharon is a true artist.  I recommend that everyone not only read this treasure, but buy it and enjoy it time and again delighting in the sweet fruit that only a talented artist can harvest from the written word.  Thank you Sharon for a surprising story that kept me glued to the pages from FIRST SIGHT TO LAST."

Reviewer: Terri Von Reiman


Romance Reviews Today

"FIRST SIGHT TO LAST is a treasure in disguise.  This is such a sweet and tender story brimming with emotion.  Sharon Horton packs a powerful, heartfelt love story.  Singer and Evan are meant to be together.  They face disaster after disaster and still manage to fall in love.  Just when you think things are finally working out, you are hit with a wallop that takes you in a whole different direction.  Sharon Horton has an amazing talent for creating strong characters who face obstacles head on and let nothing stand in the way of true love and happiness.  If you are looking for a romance filled with passion, then I highly recommend you get a copy of FIRST SIGHT TO LAST."

Reviewer:  Robyn Reo


The Romance Studio

"I really loved reading this book. It was fast-paced and very well-written. It's the type of story that, even when there isn't much action going on, you still have to keep reading to see what happens to the characters. This is a book I could easily see sitting on the shelves in Barnes & Noble; it has the same type of quality as some of the good romantic suspense authors. The romance, while turbulent, was very real and easy to imagine. First Sight to Last was dramatic and very emotional. The ending was as happily-ever-after as it could get, especially after what the characters went through. I love a story that pushes the characters through hardships without torturing them, then gives them the ideal HEA. First Sight to Last fit the bill perfectly."

Reviewer:  Tara Black


Fallen Angel Reviews

"Ms. Horton's story is at times emotional and the reader will find themselves laughing, crying and then smiling. The dynamics between these characters is such that you feel like you're watching your best friend and want to jump in and help. You come to care for them and the trials they go through. The author has given us a story that will be thought about long after the story is finished."

Reviewer: Donna


Romance Junkies

"FIRST SIGHT TO LAST is an extremely emotional read that is both suspenseful and surprising. Singer and Evan are strong and professional at times, yet heartbreakingly vulnerable at others. They care for friends and family, and both feel a commitment to helping others that goes beyond their job descriptions. They love and share; they argue and fight. There is happiness and there are tears. Singer and Evan face some devastating, nearly insurmountable obstacles that become the heart and soul of this story. FIRST SIGHT TO LAST will capture the interest of both fans of romantic suspense and those who enjoy contemporary romance. "

Reviewer: Alane Coppinger



"Sharon Horton’s debut novel is a gripping read full of passion, mystery, danger and excitement. Her characters come vividly to life from the very beginning and she will keep her readers hooked and turning the pages until they reach the final, heartwarming conclusion. First Sight to Last is an unforgettable story which you cannot afford to miss written by a writer who is destined to go far!"

Reviewer: Julie Bonello


Coffee Time Romance

"There are a great deal of twists and turns in the story, lots of action, great chemistry and romance.  Both Singer and Evan are three-dimensional as are the secondary characters...the book is very enjoyable and fun read. It is well written, clever, engaging and heartwarming."

Reviewer: Kim


Romance Divas

"If I have to read a romance novel about a cop, I want
it to be by Sharon Horton. She keeps the characters
fresh and interesting...This book is well worth the

Reviewer: A.D. Roland



"If you are looking for a typical romantic adventure
tale where boy- meets-girl sparks fly and they'll work
together to solve some minor issue before ending up
happily ever after... look elsewhere. This tale has
some of those attributes but the issues these two face
are far from minor. Singer is a wonderful character,
complex and well formed. And the story itself is
unusual and entertaining. There are twists and
surprises thrown out at every turn and it will keep
you both interested and guessing at the outcome. So if
you are after something with more substance than a
typical romance pick this one up!"

Reviewer: Johnna


The Long and the Short of It

"This fast-paced, dramatic love story is replete with suspense, surprises and even humor. The well-developed secondary characters add depth and intensity to this story fraught with twist and turns, and seemingly insurmountable problems. FIRST SIGHT TO LAST is a story of “true love will find a way". Sharon Horton gives us a super “Happy-Ever-After” in its truest sense."

Reviewer: Camellia

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